Andrew Earl of Canberra Remedial Therapies has been working on my injured arm & shoulder for a short period of time now and for the first itme in 2.5yrs, since an awful person hurt me and took so much away from me, I have gone from being in constant pain and barely being able to even lift one bag of dog food or groom my dogs without painful consequences, to singlehandedly moving a 64 bag pallet load of dog food into the house and packing the car etc. This wasn't achieved with just physical strength, but also that deep sense of finding myself again and knowing that I haven't allowed someone to continue hurting me and ruling my life because of their actions. Feeling a bit proud of myself tonight



 Andrew has been fantastic with both verbal understanding and communication with techniques verbally and practically. Andrew is patient and very good at listening to every detail I provided, taking his time to comprehend and verify any questions.

I had heard some amazing stories and felt quite skeptical about this therapy known as Emmett Technique but decided to experience it for myself anyway. Words cannot truly describe how I felt. I could feel fast relief in my long persisted pain caused by tennis elbow.

Andrew used Emmett Technique, the gentle yet effective technique to treat the myriad of physical pain I was suffering for more than a year.

I would recommend The Emmett Technique to people who need treatment for any type of pain relief. Even if you think you have tried it all, if you haven’t tried Emmett Therapy, please do, best part is that 'No Side Effects'. And Andrew’s expertise and knowledge is profound and you can almost leave your pain to the capable hand of Andrew to fix up. I even got this treatment extended to my mum who was suffering from chronic leg pain and results had been outstanding.



I am very picky when choosing a remedial therapist, and had been searching for a good one in Canberra for around 5 years. Andrew is a practical, down to earth and proficient practitioner, who has several modalities  that he can choose from to address the needs of his client. Until I found Bowen therapy I was being treated frequently by a physio for a 'sore back' for years. The pain and range of movement I had was ridiculous, and it was affecting every area of my life. Moving to Canberra, it took me 5 years to find Andrew, and I'm glad I did.  I have ALWAYS left his clinic feeling better than when I entered, and greatly value his ability. I highly recommend  Andrew to you.

 Michelle, 43, Canberra


Dear Andrew,

I have had several years of intense physiotherapy and deep tissue massage (among other therapies) to deal with chronic back pain from a motorcycle accident.  To my delight, I achieved the same level of relief from the gentle Bowen therapy as I did from acupuncture and massage, without the teeth-gritting and after-bruising.

 Bowen works.

Wayne 40 - Canberra



Hallo Andrew,

You may remember when I first came for my first treatment about 1 year ago, what a cripple I was.  After my second treatment I was able to walk again.  To my regret, through certain circumstances I was unable to continue in the last four weeks, but I will continue very soon.

The Bowen Therapy is the best and I recommend it warmly. I tried before Acupuncture as well as Chiro-treatment, but after, I was worst as before.

I will recommend you warmly to everyone who suffers from this terrible back-pain and other problems.

I will visit you very soon.

Kind regards Anne, 83 Canberra



Dear Andrew
I have to thank you for helping me with my lower back pains.  I had suffered with these pains for a number of years and had tried so many different types of therapies, some with temporary success and others with minimal relief. Upon being recommended by a friend to view your website, I immediately dismissed the notion of visiting as I couldn't comprehend such a simple technique in theory, helping me with my problems. With constant harassment from my girlfriend (as her mother receives Bowen Therapy on the South Coast), I was convinced that I had nothing to lose (including the consultation fee which my girlfriend paid for).
I remained sceptical to the end of my appointment and then realised that most of the pain had gone.  During the week ahead, I felt like a new person.  Each day seemed to get better and better and soon enough the everyday thoughts that go with the pain had been forgotten and I realised that I was on my way forward in life again.
I didn't feel I needed the second consultation a week or so later (as you recommended), but I am glad I did as my body could feel the fine adjustments that you had made and I have felt this way ever since.
My appreciation for what you have done for me and how I enjoy the simple things in life again.



 It worked for me with full recovery.




Andrew has a kind and confident manner and an instinctive grasp of the moves needed to elicit the best treatment outcomes. I enjoyed receiving a treatment  from him and had a good result.


Emmett 4 Dogs


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