Low Back Pain

Recently I had a client, a lady, who was experiencing lower back pain. She had been receiving regular treatments from another therapist. When she left the treatment with that therapist, her lower back pain had reduced but within 48 hours the pain had returned. This had been going on for several visits with no reduction in her lower back pain.

I agreed to treat her lower back pain. I did some simple stability checks, which identified poor core stability and poor low leg stability. I began the treatment focusing particularly on her Psoas and Quadratus Lumborum muscles. These are the key core stabiliser muscles which attach to the spine. Lower back pain can be directly related to these muscles not functioning correctly. When one or more of these muscles are not functioning correctly they put uneven pressure on the spine causing lower back pain. Many people believe we need to get the structure (spine ) “put back in” but the reality is this only gives relief for around 48 hours, then the lower back pain returns. The lower back muscles still need to be reset so they function correctly. When I was satisfied that the core stabiliser muscles had been reset and the lower leg stability issues had been addressed, I retested her stability and found her to be solid. The client stated that she had no lower back pain.

Results of one treatment

She returned a week later to have a follow up treatment. She reported she was still free of lower back pain. I treated her again for lower back pain and found that there was very little reduction in stability after one week. Her stability was reset, the lower back muscles were reset, her lower leg balance was checked. All were found to be good, she walked out a very happy lady. Two visits to remedy her lower back pain. She was advised that follow up visits were as required. This is a scenario we see regularly. Most lower back pain that we experience appears to be a muscle problem not a structural problem.

Psoas and its role in lower back pain

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