Headaches are very common these days. Headaches have many causes but most can be traced back to a muscle problem in the neck and or shoulder region. Office workers suffer from headaches because they spend their day sitting in front of a computer, often with poor posture or poorly set up desk arrangements.

Headaches case study

Recently a lady came to me complaining of persistent headaches. She had tried various therapies and was taking pain killing drugs more often than she was comfortable with. We discussed the headaches, their frequency and even time of the day to try and identify a pattern. Some simple exercises were then done to gauge her range of motion on her neck and shoulders. Her core stability was also checked.

The range of motion checks revealed neck rotation restriction to one side and some pain along the top of the shoulder on one side as well. Core stability was poor. The client indicated that when her neck was restricted most and the pain greatest along the top of her shoulders she also had the worst headaches.
Headache treatment

Core stability was addressed first, this was done to give her body a solid foundation. I then did a series of moves aimed at increasing her neck range of motion and reducing the pain along the shoulders by relaxing the muscles in that area. At each stage of the treatment the client was asked to offer feedback and to communicate the changes to the the therapist. The therapist can then use the appropriate moves based on the changes that have taken place already. This is important in any remedial therapy, the therapist should always seek feed back and act based on the feedback, a preconceived treatment plan will likely have the therapist heading in the wrong direction hindering the recovery once changes start to occur.

After only five moves the client indicated that her neck range of motion had improved significantly and the pain along the top of her shoulders had gone completely. The headache she was suffering when she entered the clinic had also gone.

A follow up treatment was scheduled for the following week to check on the progress of her headaches.

One week later the client reported a significant reduction in the frequency and severity of the headaches. Range of motion checks on her neck indicated good improvement from one week earlier and core stability was good. The pain along the top of the shoulders had reduced significantly.

A treatment was done to lock in neck range of motion and to reduce further pain along the shoulders to reduce even further the frequency of headaches.


The client now comes in monthly for a preventative maintenance treatment. She has chosen to include a relaxation massage, with the remedial therapy, this is done as one treatment. The combination of Emmett remedial therapy and relaxation massage is a very effective maintenance combination.

Her quality of life has improved dramatically, her headaches are now a distant memory. To experience the same, make a booking with us today.

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