Frozen Shoulder

If you're reading this, chances are you are have shoulder pain and have probably already seen a doctor or therapist who hasn't helped you much. You've probably even had injections or even surgery with little or no improvement! You may be suffering from what is known as "Frozen Shoulder".

What is a Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen Shoulder is a condition that causes intense pain and stiffness of the shoulder.
There appears to be no explanation for the development of Frozen Shoulder in most patients. The majority of cases seem to be more prevalent in women. A frozen shoulder that has developed after some one has sustained an injury and developed stiffness is probably not a frozen shoulder and can be treated. Like wise a shoulder that has movement is not likely to a "true" frozen shoulder.

My experience with Frozen Shoulder

Recently I had a client who had been diagnosed with frozen shoulder by her doctor. When we tested the frozen shoulder there was intense pain in the shoulder joint and movement was restricted. The aim of the first treatment was to reduce the pain by treating the muscles that restricted the shoulder. Pain reduced immediately but the frozen shoulder still had major restrictions.

The second visit was interesting, whilst the pain had subsided initially it had returned within 24 hours. The second treatment was limited to very few moves but directly aimed at pain reduction once again, pain again reduced significantly immediately, this indicated to me that we were on the right treatment plan.

At the third visit one week later , the client reported a significant reduction in pain and hence a significant reduction in pain killing drugs required. This point alone made the client very happy, she did not want to be taking high levels of pain killers. Range of motion for the frozen shoulder had also increased significantly.

The client now reports life is getting back to normal and the frozen shoulder is still not 100% but she is very happy, no pain killers and a vast improvement in mobility.

Frozen Shoulders can be helped on most occasions with therapies such as Emmett Therapy.

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