Light Bladder Leakage

No one likes to talk about it, but lots of women deal with light bladder leakage. Can it be treated or do we have to put up with the inconvenience of panty liners and mishaps at inappropriate times. The bladder not functioning correctly appears to be the simple answer to the problem. Can we stimulate the bladder and return it to the state it was in before the problem occurred. The answer is, YES it can happen with the right treatment. In most cases I have treated it, it will generally only take one or two treatments to see a positive improvement.

Light bladder leakage Case study 1

A lady came to me with low back issues that had been a problem for many years. During the initial discussions she also indicated that she had problems with light bladder leakage, surprisingly since she had not reached 50. It was agreed that we would treat the back problems first and then the last part of the treatment would be for light bladder leakage. The treatment was completed with an immediate improvement in low back pain. A further treatment was booked for one weeks time to complete the back treatment and to also assess the success of the light bladder leakage treatment.

When the lady returned her back problem had improved and she reported that she had not had an incident of light bladder leakage during the past week. It was decided to treat the back issues and leave the light bladder leakage issues until she began having leakage problems again. The client returned two months later for further light bladder leakage treatment but she reported only a couple of minor problems recently so she decided to get further treatment. This was a massive improvement and had impacted very positively on her quality of life.

Light bladder leakage. Case study 2

A client in her 60s mentioned during a routine treatment that she was having issues with light bladder leakage and also having to go to the toilet multiple times during the night. This was complicated by the fact she suffers from Multiple Sclerosis During the course of the treatment I did a move aimed at stimulating the bladder to work correctly. The client rang me a few days later to report that the light bladder leakage during the day had reduced dramatically and she no longer had to get out of bed during the night.

Light bladder leakage can be helped in a high proportion of cases by stimulating the bladder to return its correct working state.

Emmett Therapists are trained to perform these bladder stimulation moves.

Make a booking with us or search therapists on to find the contact details of your local Emmett trained therapist. I am not aware of any other therapy who can treat this problem as quickly or with the same level of success.

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