Tennis Elbow

What is Tennis Elbow?

Inflammation of the tendons of the elbow caused by overuse of the muscles of the forearm. This is one of many definitions of tennis elbow. Usually a client presents with pain in the elbow region, this can be quite painful and does at times restrict the use of the entire arm.
Can Tennis Elbow be treated?

Yes it can be treated and often responds to one or two sessions, but some cases of severe long term injury may take up to five visits over a three or four week period. I find The Emmett Technique to be the best therapy for this condition.

Case study.

A gentleman attended my clinic with severe pain in both elbows. After a discussion it turned out he had unloaded a ute full of horse manure for his wife's garden. Not being used to this work load he aggravated both forearms and hence he had Tennis Elbow. He was experiencing extreme pain, the pain was so severe that even when walking down the street he couldn't lift his arms to scratch his nose. He had tried pain killers, anti inflammatory creams, acupuncture, remedial massage and physiotherapy with no improvement.

The treatment for tennis elbow revolves around the fore arm muscles, the upper arm muscles and other key points. Tennis elbow can often respond very quickly when the right therapy is used. The first treatment session for tennis elbow saw an immediate reduction in pain levels before the client left the clinic.A follow up session was held 72 hours later, this time between treatments gives the body time to adjust but we try not to allow the body to regress because of muscle memory. The pain experienced from the tennis elbow had reduced significantly and the client reported greater use of his arms.The third tennis elbow treatment was carried out a week later, the client reported virtually no pain before the third treatment. After this treatment it was left up to the client to return for further follow up treatments as required. The client returned eight weeks later for a totally unrelated problem and reported that his tennis elbow condition was gone.

Selection of the correct therapy to treat the Tennis Elbow condition was critical to the clients quick recovery, in this case the technique used was the Emmett Technique, a unique Australian developed technique which gives relief from pain and discomfort very quickly.

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